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Bale wrapping is the final step of a long and expensive process of preparing silage. Each and every element of cultivation and conservation plays a vital role in making high quality silage. Therefore, one should devote extra care to the choice of film, which is one of the most important elements of the process.

We offer you the SiloMaster stretch film. It is an optimal solution for silage production, both economically and quality – wise. Thanks to continuous cooperation with our providers and customers, we can guarantee your full satisfaction when you choose the SiloMaster silage stretch film. SiloMaster is known across numerous countries to possess very good wrapping parameters.

Our company makes every effort to offer the highest quality silage stretch film, available at affordable prices, delivered on time to the client. Please, take your time to acquaint yourself with our company’s offer.

We encourage willing companies to cooperate in the distribution of SiloMaster products.
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